Memory | Playtime -- Memory

The classical memory game. Find pairs of cards.

The rules of the game:

A pack of cards is lying on the table, reverse side up. Turn the cards and identify pairs.

You have as many trial as you like, but obviously experts only uses few trials. A trial means: Turn max two cards and tell if they are alike. The game will count the trials.

:-) :-) :-) :-) Expert 24 - 40 trials
:-) :-) :-) Good 41 - 50 trials
:-) :-) Ok 51 - 65 trials
:-) Well... 66 - ? trials
You can turn a card by a click on the backside, and turn off a card by a click on the frontside. The game will make sure that only two cards have frontside up at the same time.

If two open cards make a pair, they will disappear on the next click. The game is over when all cards has disappeard.

Have a good time!